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What's going on in Bad Rothenfelde?

Spa vacation at the Gradierwerk

Salt as a commodity and for the promotion of health: Rothenfelde in the Osnabrück region owes its existence to the discovery of a brine spring in 1724. Initially salt was mined and produced there for about 100 years, later it was joined by spa operations with brine baths and inhalation.

Once salt factories, today health stamp

Spa fun in Bad Rothenfelde

Salty water from the depths attracts those seeking relaxation to Bad Rothenfelde - to be enjoyed in the Carpesol Spa. Forget everyday life for a few hours and let yourself be taken to one of the most modern wellness swimming pools in Germany.

Dive in, relax & feel good

Hiking in the surroundings of Bad Rothenfelde

Situated on the edge of the Teutoburg Wald, Bad Rothenfelde is an ideal starting point for hikes, which can also be part of the spa programme. The Kleine Berg, for example, is only three kilometres outside the town.

Simply experience nature
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